2022-02-25 - Success!

Hi Friends!

As some of you know, the 22nd was my birthday, but also, it was the last day to back the project. On the 23rd, the project closed. Since then I've been trying to think of what to say to you all. The only thing I can think of is Thank You. I have never felt so supported or loved than I have receiving all of your words of encouragement, plus seeing you commit your actual dollars towards a piece of art I am creating. So truly, thank you.

I've been writing and working on art projects as we head towards spring here in New York. We had a few warm days, and then this weekend we were hit with a snow storm. My goal has been to complete two stories and two pieces of art every month. So far that has been working. It was a good idea to add in the art sections, as that gives me space to code, or do photography, when I feel like writing is not possible.

So far, the table of contents looks like the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Doors (Story)
  3. Photo (Art)
  4. Airplane Cemetery (Story)
  5. Cities (Art)
  6. Islands (Story)
  7. Life By Number (Art)
  8. Location APIs (Story)
  9. Photo (Art)
  10. Root Network (Story)
  11. Planes (Art)
  12. The Light Collective (Story)
  13. Rocky (Art)
  14. The Landing at Hewey Vale (Story)
  15. Heartrate (Art)
  16. A Damp Night (Story)
  17. Unknown Art 8
  18. Space Magic (Story)
  19. Unknown Art 9
  20. Unknown Story 10
  21. Unknown Art 10
  22. Unknown Story 11
  23. Unknown Art 11
  24. Places this book was written at (Story)
  25. Unknown Art 12
  26. Thank You

I plan on sending out surveys in May to collect shipping addresses and the like. If this is your first Kickstarter that you have backed, the general flow is:

  1. The Campaign starts
  2. People back the campaign
  3. The Campaign closes
  4. Kickstarter collects money ← we are here
  5. I send out a survey via Kickstarter to collect shipping info and any other information needed (aiming for May).
  6. I ship you the completed work (aiming for November).

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Kickstarter, or email me at nat@natwelch.com

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Thank you again for you support.