2022-01-23 - One month in!

Hi Friends!

It's been about a month since launch, thank you all for your support. We've raised $951! Twenty-five of you have purchased hardcover books, and twelve of you have backed the digital or no-reward tiers. I'm still in awe that this is happening. Thank you all so much, and please help me sell the last 75 hard-copies. The Kickstarter closes on Feb 23rd. I've decided I'm printing 100 copies no matter what, so help me save attic space :D

In terms of writing progress, I have been averaging about three days of writing a week. Not as much as I'd like, but given work and things, it's about as much as I'd expected.

The rough outline is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Doors (Story)
  • Photo (Art)
  • Airplane Cemetery (Story)
  • Cities (Art)
  • Islands (Story)
  • Life By Number (Art)
  • Location APIs (Story)
  • Photo (Art)
  • Root Network (Story)
  • Planes (Art)
  • Unknown Story 6
  • Rocky (Art)
  • The Landing at Hewey Vale (Story)
  • Unknown Art 7
  • A Damp Night (Story)
  • Unknown Art 8
  • Unknown Story 9
  • Unknown Art 9
  • Unknown Story 10
  • Unknown Art 10
  • Unknown Story 11
  • Unknown Art 11
  • Places this book was written at (Story)
  • Unknown Art 12
  • Thank You

All stories with titles have been started, and either have outlines or rough drafts. Not all of the named art pieces have been started, but those that have, I've made significant progress.

I hope you're staying warm and enjoying your January!

Lots of love from Beacon, NY,