2021-12-31 - First Update!

Wow, thank you all so much for your support!

As this is my first Kickstarter, I had no idea what to expect, and to be funded in the first few days is both incredibly exciting and terrifying. I hope to do you all proud. It's weirdly warm here in the New York Hudson Valley. We have seen two quick days of snow in the past month, but it all has evaporated.

Some updates:

  • I have outlined three of the to be written stories, and started writing two of them.
  • I've gathered together a bunch of older work, and am debating what to include. Before I published the Kickstarter, I had planned on mostly using past work. But as I review that work more... I think I will instead use a smaller subset than had originally planned.
  • For the art pieces I want to include, I've pulled together the six previous pieces I want to include. One, which was titled "Cities" originally when I created it in 2014, I think needs to be remade, but the rest are in good shape.
  • While marketing and writing are things I had to do in past books, printing is a whole new ball game. I also am reaching out to friends in publishing to get advice on how to go forwards for book printing. I am looking for all of the advice possible here.

Finally, it is very early in the process, but my current timeline is to finish writing in June, and print and ship in the fall. The Kickstarter closes in late February, so please tell your friends, I am always looking for more backers :D

Happy New Years,